Who Am I?

My name is Angie Maya Campbell

In 1975…I took my first dance class. It was one hour of ballet and 15 minutes of tap! Around about the same time, I read my first Sufi poem, saw my first dakini painting, learned my first yoga asana and did my first 2 minutes of meditation. And so began a life-long love affair of dance and spirituality…from that point on, I knew the two were inseparable.

My passion for dance continued for many years as I studied Ballet, Tap and Modern Dance until Angie the moody teen took over and my formal training went on the backburner for a few years.

But I still danced!

Fast forward to the early 90s…I was about 23 when I had a deep, deep longing to return to classes again. I found a local adult ballet class which was fun but…I was learning with 15 and 16 year olds. I lasted six months.

In 1995, my dear friend Karolyn suggested we go to Belly Dance classes in Glasgow. Here was a type of dance where there were no restrictions of age, size, background…the sheer sensuality and beauty of it hooked me instantly!

In the years that followed, I trained with many teachers from all around Scotland, the UK and the world, including my beloved teacher, Nancy Behnyagla (pictured above left) who had learned from her husband’s family in Algeria.

I have studied many styles of belly dance over the years, Raqs Sharki, Egyptian cabaret, Egyptian Folkloric, tribal and tribal fusion, Turkish, Lebanese and Indian fusion to name but a few. After much training and hour upon hour of glorious practice…In 1997, I became a teacher. Since then, I have travelled to Morocco, Egypt, Australia and Turkey for training and teaching. And in the last few years, I’ve been coming back home, fusing dance and my own Celtic heritage together, joining belly dance and world dance moves with Celtic music and costume.

To this day…it is my Absolute Passion.

In the last few years…I’ve discovered an aspect of the dance that I had never felt before…The Reconnection with the Divine Feminine within.

In the past, I was often more concerned with having the perfect technique and the perfect form, which is great. However…when I became completely in my body and at one with the dance, I found balance, protection, freedom, peace, grounding, fire, sensuality, joy, abundance, love, laughter, …the Divine Feminine. And I am so very passionate in helping YOU discover The Dance Goddess within you too!

Let’s dance! xxx

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