Everything in the universe has rhythm, everything dances.

Maya Angelou

Who is The Dance Goddess?

You are.

The Dance Goddess is…

The Divine Feminine within you.

Your precious heartbeat.

Your swaying hips.

The rise and fall of your breath.

The Power to create worlds right in your belly.

Your Sacred Smile!

Who is The Dance Goddess?

You are.

Dancing is joy.

It has brought people together in every corner of the globe for thousands of years.

Mothers and grandmothers passed it on to their daughters and granddaughters…

Sisters and brothers shared it with one another…

Friends laughed and shimmed together.

It’s a moving prayer.

The incredible power of dance has birthed babies and businesses…

kept immune systems and pelvic floors in tip top condition…

and has rekindled the most important relationship we ever have…the one with the Divine within.

Who is The Dance Goddess?


You are. We All are.

A whole new Magical world awaits you.

What will Dance do for you, my Wondrous Mover and Shaker?

Let’s Dance and find out! xxx

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